If you didn’t figure it out from the blog title, my name is Tayler.  Nicknames, however, plague my life.  Feel free to call me Taylie, Tot or T.

In the Fall of 2009, I started making beauty videos on YouTube to escape the monotony of student life while in college.  Shortly after graduation, I started my healthy living channel, where I was best known for my product reviews and recipes.

I graduated from Penn State University in the Fall of 2009 with a B.A. in Communication and Media Studies.  I primarily studied film production and cinema history during my time there.  I was a publicity intern at Focus Features, where I had the opportunity to work on films directed by Ang Lee and Sam Mendes.  In addition, I was named the Fall 2009 ‘Student Marshal’ for graduating with the highest GPA in my class.  Yes, I am aware that this paragraph pretty much screams “nerd alert!”  I’m a people person, which is why I chose to work in PR and social media.  I like developing ideas, visuals, and getting people excited about products and brands!

Well-Taylered is a blog that melds my love for beauty, fashion and well-being in one space.  My motto is “beauty from the inside out.”  I like to give people an inside look at a healthy lifestyle, but my inner shopping addict can’t resist the urge to write about sparkly things.


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