Hi there!  I’m Tayler, and I created this blog to meld my love for beauty, fashion and well-being in one space.

These introductions always seem a little awkward and forced, don’t they?  Why don’t we start with some random facts to break the ice:

1.) I’m addicted to buying things I don’t need and dipping sauces.

2.) I graduated from Penn State University, where I was the Student Marshal (the collegiate equivalent of a Valedictorian).  My major GPA was a 4.0.

3.) I will wear a full-face of makeup to Target.  You will never see me barefaced… ever. I make no apologies for this.

4.) My dream as a child was to be an Olympic figure skater or a professional Irish dancer.

(rolls eyes)

5.) I’ve been making YouTube videos since 2009.  Through this experience, I’ve learned that people should be required to take a sanity test to gain access to the internet.

6.) If your favorite restaurant is The Cheesecake Factory, we might be able to be BFFs.

7.)  Fries and dessert constitute as a complete meal, correct?

8.) I don’t own as much makeup as you’d think.  Having a large collection makes me nervous. I wouldn’t know what to put on first.  I use what I have and then buy more.

9.)  Nothing I do would be possible without the support of my parents.

10.) If you are unable to contact me, I’m probably watching Say Yes to the Dress.

Disclaimer:  I do use affiliate links.  I sometimes receive items for my consideration, but all opinions are my own.  I have never been sponsored for any post.  If that should take place, it will be indicated on said post.  Any health and fitness posts are NOT to take precedent over the advice of your physician.