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Lotus Wei Aura Mists

Lotus Wei Aura Mists

This post is a little off the beauty beaten path, but definitely worth sharing the deets.  I recently discovered Lotus Wei through Kendra Atkins’ “Health + Fitness Favorites”.  She listed the ‘Aura Mists’ as a must-have.  These mists act as mood lifters and/or enhancers.  The company states that “most people feel a dramatic difference in their […] Read more…

Summer’s Best Sunscreens

Summer's Best Sunscreens

Underneath the many layers of self-tanner, my skin tone isn’t pale, it’s translucent.  I was blessed with the kind of skin that gets sunburnt just sitting in the car.  You know, post-road trip when the side closest to the window is 2 shades redder than the other?  That’s me. Insert the need for an arsenal […] Read more…

Pamper Time: Sheet Masks

Sheet Masks

I have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to relaxing activities.  Baths?  No, thank you.  As a self-tan addict, it’s like sitting in a cesspool of rust water.  Massages?  Again, thanks, but no thanks.  I’m from the Midwest, we don’t like strange people touching us—unless you’re related to us by marriage or blood. […] Read more…

DIY: Hair Refresher Spray

DIY: Hair Refreshing Spray

As a naturally wavy-haired gal, the frizz situation can be a tough one to handle.  Over the years, I’ve spent a countless amount of money on wave sprays and replenishing mists.  Most of them, however, are either filled to the brim with drying alcohols or are simply overpriced. Since talking a footstep into the natural, […] Read more…

Makeup for Breakouts

makeup for breakouts

A few weeks ago, my face exploded.  It was the kind of breakout that had you confined to the home, as there’s no way to cover this mess up.  The moment I ended up with a pimple in my eyebrow, I knew I was reacting to a new product.  My guess is that the culprit […] Read more…

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