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Well-Taylered App


Hi everyone!  I’m super excited to announce that stalking me just became much easier.  I’ve joined the ranks with some of my favorites bloggers to create my very own Well-Taylered App to help you stay up-to-date on all my content in one convenient place. You can catch up on my latest blog posts on-the-go.  By selecting […] Read more…

Lotus Wei Aura Mists

Lotus Wei Aura Mists

This post is a little off the beauty beaten path, but definitely worth sharing the deets.  I recently discovered Lotus Wei through Kendra Atkins’ “Health + Fitness Favorites”.  She listed the ‘Aura Mists’ as a must-have.  These mists act as mood lifters and/or enhancers.  The company states that “most people feel a dramatic difference in their […] Read more…

Summer’s Best Sunscreens

Summer's Best Sunscreens

Underneath the many layers of self-tanner, my skin tone isn’t pale, it’s translucent.  I was blessed with the kind of skin that gets sunburnt just sitting in the car.  You know, post-road trip when the side closest to the window is 2 shades redder than the other?  That’s me. Insert the need for an arsenal […] Read more…

Pamper Time: Sheet Masks

Sheet Masks

I have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to relaxing activities.  Baths?  No, thank you.  As a self-tan addict, it’s like sitting in a cesspool of rust water.  Massages?  Again, thanks, but no thanks.  I’m from the Midwest, we don’t like strange people touching us—unless you’re related to us by marriage or blood. […] Read more…

DIY: Hair Refresher Spray

DIY: Hair Refreshing Spray

As a naturally wavy-haired gal, the frizz situation can be a tough one to handle.  Over the years, I’ve spent a countless amount of money on wave sprays and replenishing mists.  Most of them, however, are either filled to the brim with drying alcohols or are simply overpriced. Since talking a footstep into the natural, […] Read more…

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