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Wand Waves

How to use a wand to get the ultimate waves!

I had to let everyone in on my current favorite hair product and how to achieve the ultimate loose “wand waves”.  I picked up the Sedu Curling Wand from a sale in SpaceNK. I still can’t believe I scored it for half price, but to be honest, I would pay full-price!  It truly is that amazing. […] Read more…

The Most Overhyped Hair Product… Ever

Philip Kingsley

Ladies (and possibly gents), where do I even begin?  Let’s start with the ordering process…  I ordered this product from Philip Kingsley’s website.  All of his products are exorbantly priced, but Kingsley does have a “Loyalty Programme”.  You earn one point per dollar… 20 points only gets you $1 off. The next issue was that they […] Read more…

30 Beauty Questions Tag


Let’s get crackin’… 1.) Do you remember your first makeup item? Sadly, I do. My first makeup purchase consisted of two CoverGirl lipsticks from Walgreens. They were frosty, pastel colors… pink and blue. Yes, frosty, pale blue. 2.) Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications? After trying every mascara known […] Read more…