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Summer’s Best Sunscreens

Summer's Best Sunscreens

Underneath the many layers of self-tanner, my skin tone isn’t pale, it’s translucent.  I was blessed with the kind of skin that gets sunburnt just sitting in the car.  You know, post-road trip when the side closest to the window is 2 shades redder than the other?  That’s me. Insert the need for an arsenal […] Read more…

Pamper Time: Sheet Masks

Sheet Masks

I have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to relaxing activities.  Baths?  No, thank you.  As a self-tan addict, it’s like sitting in a cesspool of rust water.  Massages?  Again, thanks, but no thanks.  I’m from the Midwest, we don’t like strange people touching us—unless you’re related to us by marriage or blood. […] Read more…

Skincare Empties

Skincare Empties

Caudalie ‘Grape Water‘ – I basically need stock in this product.  I use this literally everyday, and have for years.  If you love to set your base with powder foundation, like I do, then this is great to get rid of that powdery look and also helps make your highlighter pop. Clinique ‘Liquid Facial Soap Mild’ – […] Read more…

Clarisonic vs. Foreo

Clarisonic vs. Foreo

There isn’t a skin care contraption that this face didn’t like.  From ice facials to micro-needling, I have officially become your human guinea pig.  My latest mission has been to decipher which device works best; Clarisonic vs. Foreo.  The Mia 3 and Luna retail for the same price, so I am going to have to dig […] Read more…

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter

Josie Maran Argan Oil Face Butter

My complexion has definitely been a sight to be seen.  A combination of trying too many new products at once and the fact that the box of Godiva always forgets to remind you there will be 5 pimples per chocolate, left me searching for something to heal my irritated skin.  I initially went back to using my ‘ole faithful, […] Read more…

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